How to extend your iPhone 5’s Battery Life

iPhone Low Battery Screen

Are you experiencing shorter battery life with your iPhone 5? Here a few tips that might solve the issue!

Reduce Brightness

The higher your screen’s brightness, the faster it will etch away at your battery life. Go to Settings, Brightness & Wallpaper and drag the slider to the left. You don’t have to turn it down completely – you still need to see the screen!

Turn Off Vibrate

If your phone isn’t on Silent Mode or you don’t require Vibrate, turn it off to preserve battery. Go to Settings, Sound and change the Vibrate settings to ‘Off’.

Exit Unused Applications

When you’re running an application and press the Home button, it doesn’t quit the application, so it still uses up your battery. Instead, press the Home button twice in quick succession to bring up your active apps. Press and hold the one you’d like to quit until the apps start to shake, then press the red button located at the top right of the app to close it completely.

Turn Off Your Networks

If you’re not using your WiFi, Data Roaming or 3G networks, turn them off. Go to Settings and then WiFi to turn off that connection, and Genera then Cellular to turn off Data Roaming and 3G.

Lock Your Phone

Locking your phone will mean that you won’t accidentally open up applications that could waste your battery, so get into the habit of pressing the Lock button located at the top right of your iPhone!

Follow these quick and simple tips and you’ll benefit from a much longer battery life for your iPhone 5!

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