Exciting things you’ll be able to do with iOS 10

Apple is preparing for the launch of iOS 10 later this year. There’s going to be loads of amazing new features. Here’s everything you need to know about the new update coming our way!


iOS 10 handwriting

Add a personal touch to your messages. Write and send a message freestyle – in your own handwriting. The recipient will see it animate, the same way ink flows on paper.


iOS 10 animation

Make a birthday or celebration extra special by livening up a message. IOS 10 will allow you to celebrate with animations which take over the whole screen. For instance send birthday balloons to someone on their birthday!

Invisible Ink

iOS 10 invisible ink

Invisible Ink allows you to send a message or photo which remains hidden. Swipe to reveal. Perfect if you’ve got some exciting news to send to someone!

Pay online with Apple Pay

iOS 10 pay with apple pay

Make shopping online even easier and hassle free. Pay for your goods online quickly with Apple Pay.


iOS 10 draw over videos

Draw over videos or add a personal touch by sending sketches, heartbeats and more.


iOS 10 stickers

Have fun with stickers. Stick them to a message to make someone laugh or jazz up a photo. You can be as sticker crazy as you like!


iOS 10 emoji

Replace text with emoji. All you need to do is tap! Emojis make messages look way more exciting, so next time you’re about to send someone a message let emoji take over!


Control your home

iOS 10 control smart home

Switch on lights, unlock doors plus loads more! Control your smart home right at your fingertips.


Wake your phone by raising it

iOS 10 raise to wake iphone

Pick up your iPhone to wake it. Any awaiting notifications will be displayed ready for you to see.


iOS 10 languages

Type two languages at once. No need to revert between keyboards.

Search photos for specific items or places

iOS 10 search photos

Simplify finding a photo. You’ll be able to search your photos by things captured in them, e.g. ‘dog’ or ‘beach’.

Create movies with photos

iOS 10 photos app

Re-live memories with the Photos app. It can create wonderful movies with your cherished moments.

We’re really excited to experience iOS 10 and start experimenting. This sounds like it could be the best update released by Apple to date!

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