Can my Apple Mac get a Virus?

Many new Apple Mac viruses are released each month!

Apple Macs are vulnerable to being infected by viruses and we regularly receive enquiries from people who think that their machine has a virus.

Here at Nexus we are able to run our specialist scanning software to check whether your Mac may be infected. If our checks come back positive you don’t need to panic! Your machine is in the right place for a mac virus removal and system clean. We would thoroughly disinfect your machine and remove anything we feel is suspicious.

Warning signs to look out for:

  • Pop ups / adverts
  • Slowness
  • Web pages asking for money or telling you that your computer is infected
  • Suspicious browser extensions
  • Receiving a phone call from someone claiming that your machine is infected or has a problem. (They will usually try various tactics to allow you to give them remote access to your computer. Once they have access they can get full access to your private and confidential details, including your bank account!)

Nexus recommends Kaspersky Anti-virus software for your Apple Mac. We can supply and install this software on your Mac to give you peace of mind when online banking, shopping or simply browsing on the internet. After all, almost everyone does online banking these days!

If you believe your Mac may have a virus do not hesitate to contact us today. Even if you don’t think your machine is infected we would still highly advise having Kaspersky protection installed. We can install the Kaspersky software remotely so you don’t even need to bring your computer into us – just let us know! It really is that straightforward!

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