Apple’s most expensive products ever sold

1. 18-karat Gold Apple Watch

Rose Gold Apple Watch

If you want to splash out big bucks on an Apple Watch feast your eyes on one of Apple’s 18-karat Rose Gold or Yellow Gold Watches costing a dazzling $17,000!

Apple has since discontinued the gold Apple Watch Edition models but you may be able to track one down elsewhere if you’re eager to get your hands on one!

2. Apple Mac Pro (Top Spec)

Apple Mac Pro

Try not to fall off your chair but if you’re thinking of investing in a Mac Pro (with the accessories and component upgrades included) you’ll need a hefty $11,000! The Mac Pro (not to be confused with the Macbook Pro) is built for power and performance and is Apple’s high-end model.

3. Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa

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The Apple Lisa came out in 1983 and retailed at $9,995. It was one of the first machines to include a graphical user interface aimed at business users. The extortionate price and low performance amongst other things resulted in poor sales, with Apple only selling 100,000 units.

4. The Macintosh IIfx

Macintosh IIfx

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1990 saw the launch of the Macintosh IIfx which retailed between $9,000 – $12,000. Sadly it was discontinued just two years later. It was the fastest Mac available at the time.

5. The 20th Anniversary Mac

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

Photo by MornOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

To mark Apple’s twentieth birthday in 1997 Apple released the Twentieth Anniversary Mac for a pricey $7,499. In the middle of its sales’ life Apple dropped the price to around $3,500, and upon discontinuation in 1998 the price was dropped even further to a more reasonable $1,995.

Aside from the above here’s some of the most expensive vintage Apple items ever sold:

Apple 1 Motherboard $374,500

Apple 1

Photo by user:geni, GFDL, Link

An Apple 1 motherboard from 1976 sold for an unbelievable $374,500 at auction in 2012.

Apple 1 Kit £133,250

In 2010 the Apple 1 kit sold for £133,250 at Christie’s Auction House in London. The large price was expected due to the rare documents and packaging offered in the sale in addition to the computer.

Apple 1 Prototype $815,000

Apple 1 Prototype

(Image kindly provided by Charitybuzz –

The year which marked the 40th Anniversary of Apple Computers (2016) saw the sale of the rarest Apple 1 in existence, an Apple 1 prototype which was hand-built by Steve Jobs. This Apple 1 sold in a Charitybuzz auction for an astonishing $815,000.

Although you probably don’t have an Apple Lisa lurking around at home, if you’re the owner of a first generation iPod classic you could sell for a nice sum! In 2014 a factory sealed first generation iPod Classic sold for $20,000! Moreover a rare model – special edition U2 iPod Classic supposedly sold for a staggering $90,000!


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