Apple Mac Certified Support Professional in Bucks.

Michael from Nexus recently passed an Apple mac exam – Mac OS X support essentials v10.6.

The Snow Leopard IT support exam covers Apple mac installation, mac configuration and general apple troubleshooting.

We now have his apple mac certification as a stamp of approval alongside the teams proven 5 years experience of apple mac repair and mac support.

Our specialist areas:

Pc integration, Apple Hardware support, user permissions, command line, automation, file systems, data management Time Capsule backup, Apple mac computer lessons, boot camp, network configuration, network support, peripherals and printing.

Some information on the course taken is very far off what we do day to day so mike took the 3 day apple course – it was a lot to take in but well worth the time and experience gained.

If your looking for help with your Apple mac give Mike a call on 01753 884700.


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