What is the Apple Consultants Network and should I join?

The Apple Consultants Network presents independent, local companies offering IT services and solutions based around Apple products. The purpose is to ensure that your systems are correctly constructed, set up and supported.

What are the benefits of joining the Apple Consultants Network?

It’s a great way to advertise your connection with Apple and grow your clientele. Once you have qualified you are entitled to display the program logo on your website and promotional materials. You will also be listed on Apple’s “Find a Consultant” page.

How do I qualify?

Click here to apply and complete the application form.

There is an annual fee of £296 + VAT payable direct to Apple.

You will also need to meet the Technical Requirements whether you’re joining to provide services for Mac, iOS or both.

The accepted Mac certifications are:

  • Apple Certified Support Professional
  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator
  • For iOS support and deployment you will need to pass an iOS technical training course and attend a development workshop

Alongside this there are also some business requirements which must be met in order to be approved.

The Apple Consultants Network is aimed at companies who obtain most of their revenues in the process of delivering technical consulting, implementation, integration and continuous technology services.

Here at Nexus we are and have been part of the Apple Consultants Network for several years. We enjoy working with Apple users and are enthusisatic about setting up and maintaining their systems.

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