5 Simple Ways to Improve iPad Speed

The performance of an iPad tends to decline over time, and it is a frustrating experience for many Apple users. A slower iPad makes it more difficult to perform basic tasks, whether you are browsing the internet, taking photos, or playing a game. However, you can follow a few tips to improve the speed of your iPad and ensure that it is operating at an optimal speed for the best results.

Close Apps Running in the Background

An easy way to improve the speed of an iPad is to close apps running in the background. Double-clicking the home button and swiping up on that particular app screen is the quickest way to close an application. Another good idea is always to delete unused apps to free up space and improve performance. Removing an application is as simple as navigating to the home screen and holding the icon of an app until it starts to shake and tapping the X icon to delete the app permanently.

Clear Safari Cache

The Safari app typically experiences a slowdown in performance if the cache isn’t cleared on a regular basis. Deleting the history and website data will improve the speed of the app and allow you to switch to various windows quicker. Clearing the Safari cache is a fairly straightforward process, as you open settings and navigate to the Safari app to delete the history and website data for your iPad.

Restart iPad

Choosing to restart an iPad will refresh the memory and provide a slight boost in performance. Restarting an iPad is especially useful if it has been on for many days without a reboot. Most iPads require you to hold down the sleep/wake button near the top until an icon appears for you to swipe and turn off the iPad. Similarly, holding the sleep/wake button will turn the iPad on, and you will immediately notice an improvement in performance.

Upload Photos & Videos to the Cloud

Uploading photos and videos to the cloud is an excellent way to improve performance and free up space for your iPad. Of course, a large number of photos and videos require a lot of storage space that isn’t available on many older iPads. However, you can automatically upload these photos and videos to the cloud by simply enabling iCloud services by tapping on settings and then your Apple ID.

Disable Location Services

Location services are convenient for applications such as Facebook and Maps. However, these location services require a significant amount of battery power and reduce the speed of your iPad. It is always a good idea to turn off location services if you are not using them by tapping settings and then privacy to disable these services.

An older iPad will tend to slow down over time due to age and a variety of reasons. A slow iPad makes it difficult to perform simple tasks and can quickly test the patience of any user. However, focusing on these simple tips to improve the speed of an older iPad is well worth the effort and is a much cheaper option than purchasing a brand new iPad.

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