5 reasons why your business should switch to Mac

Switching to Mac can save you money

IBM has announced they’re saving money by installing Macs across the company. Each Mac deployment saves them near to an astounding $540 over a four year period in contrast to a Windows PC.

There’s multiple reasons behind this but having an improved Operating System means Apple needs to update its systems a lot less frequently in comparison to Microsoft Windows updates.

Mac users encounter less IT problems, IBM said as little as 3.5% of employees who use a Mac will call the company help desk. This results in higher work efficiency and less service calls.

IBM began giving their employees the option to upgrade to a Mac when their company kit required upgrading. This switch over to Macs began in 2015.

Overall Macs are still cheaper over their lifespan.

Apple Macs are elegant, beautiful and have a professional appearance

Stepping into an office surrounded by Macs looks so much more appealing in comparison to bulky desktop computers. The iMac screens stand out with their bright displays and by having a sleek silver finish adds a sophisticated touch of elegance. Macbook Airs are lightweight, portable and are made from aluminium whereas Windows devices are often made out of plastic or metal such as steel which is a heavier material.

Mac users are happier

Macs can make your staff happier and more productive than if you use a Windows system. They are robust and being user friendly they’re more simple to use. Apple continues to come out on top of the customer satisfaction survey.

Happy staff = better performance and more productivity. Having cheerful staff is a good reflection on your company, after all you wouldn’t want your customers to encounter any unpleasant or negative vibes from your staff.

Seamless from phone to computer

Apple is great at providing a simple approach to syncing data between devices. With Mac you can effortlessly sync your photos, emails and calendars between your Mac computer, phone and tablet without any hassle. Apple devices smoothly harmonise together too!

Apple Macs are more secure

Macs are safer because they’re more resilient to viruses and malware. There are lots more cyber attacks directed at Windows machines and OS X faces significantly less risk of attack.

Keep in mind that although Mac malware is rare and you’re less likely to be infected, this doesn’t mean to say you don’t need anti-virus protection on your Mac. Check out our other blog here on why it’s important to protect your Mac.

Here at Nexus IT we provide Apple Mac IT Support for businesses, whether you wish to use us on an ad-hoc basis or undertake an IT support agreement we can help with all your IT needs.

If you’re considering making the transition to Mac and would like advice on what’s best for your business we’re the people to speak to. We won’t talk techy and confuse you with complicated language. We’ll carry out the entire installation and get everything connected to each other so it all works seamlessly. We love improving IT systems and showing businesses how to better their set up.

Kaspersky Antivirus for Mac


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