5 iPhone Apps for Writers

It’s sometimes difficult to be a writer. It can be even more difficult if you’re a writer on the go – you need all of your supplies, your notes, and you might struggle to find inspiration. Well, we’ve got a list of apps that might help you out! Here are 5 iPhone apps for writers.

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation is a voice recognition app that’s accurate and easy to use.

Dragon Dictation


Simply tap the red button, say what you want to say, and press done. It will then put your words into text, ready for you to edit. By pressing the keyboard on the bottom left of the screen, you’ll bring up the keypad so you can edit the text if there are any errors.

Dragon Dictation

Once it’s perfected, press the icon to the right of the red button. This allows you to share your piece via email, text message or on social media.

Dragon Dictation

If you’re on the move and get a burst of inspiration, use Dragon Dictation to note it down easily and without the need for stationery!


Weird Word of the Day

If you’re stuck for inspiration, or you just really like strange words, this app is for you! It’s a simple concept – every day, there’s a new, unusual word and its definition. You can scroll through previous words of the day, and even share your discovery on Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great way to expand your vocabulary!


Creating mind-maps can be an invaluable tool during the writing process. It’s the perfect way to brainstorm ideas and concepts. With MindJet, you can quickly create detailed, easy-to-understand mind maps to suit you.

MindJet App

You’ll need to sign up first with a username and password to ensure that you’re the only person able to create and edit your maps – because who wants people tampering with their ideas?


This basic app allows you to input the number of words you’ve written so you can keep track if you have writing deadlines.

The ‘Sessions’ section gives you a list of all of your inputted word counts, and even lets you make notes on them!


You can also set preferences, which are like goals, if you’re really disciplined about your writing.

WriteChain App



If you’re an haiku fanatic, be sure to download this app. Simply type your haiku into the 3 boxes, and publish them – they’ll be stored for you, in the My Ku section.

iKu App

The Discover Ku section lets you browse fellow haiku-fans’ work for inspiration. You can even follow them to keep track of any future haiku. Give it a try!


Do you use any other writers’ apps that we’ve missed off the list? Let us know in the comments!

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