Mother’s Day Tech Gadget Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you haven’t yet added the date to your diaries Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 26th March.

Are you thinking of treating your mum to something different this year?

If you feel as though you always end up buying the same gifts year after year whether it’s flowers, chocolates or a beauty kit, then these extremely useful and snazzy gift ideas should hopefully help you find something more fun and exciting!

Amazon Echo

Mums usually have a lot of organising to do so why not give her a helping hand and treat her to an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot? Alexa will be her very own personal assistant making day-to-day duties that bit easier. From shopping lists and reminders to timers.

Alexa can play music on request, challenge you to a game, check the weather and provide news updates amongst loads of other amusing things!

Alexa is a must-have gadget and there’s plenty of funny things to ask Alexa too, check out our other blog here.


iRobot Hoover

Give your mum a break from the hoovering with a robotic vacuum. She probably won’t be able to thank you enough if you surprise her with an iRobot hoover.

This super useful gadget will save loads of time each week meaning your mum can spend more time doing the things she loves or simply putting her feet up! These are a great investment for any home and pricing starts from £159.99. Here’s our review on 2016’s best robot vacuums.


Wine Aerator Decanter

If your mum enjoys drinking wine then this compact wine aerator is the perfect essential gift to add to her kitchen. Its neat and miniature design means it won’t take up space in the kitchen. This aerator enhances the wine’s flavours giving it a much smoother finish. You could pair this gift with a nice bottle of red for Mother’s Day.




Selfie Phone Case

Lumee DuoDoes your mum love taking selfies? Take some great selfies together this Mother’s Day with a light up phone case. There’s several different ones to choose from so to help you make up your mind here’s our review on the best selfie phone cases. 




Digital Photo Frame

Your mum most likely has plenty of photo frames lurking around the house (ones you’ve probably given her over the years!) but does she have a digital photo frame? Digital photo frames are great as they look good in any room and as they can switch between photos into a slideshow you don’t find yourself stuck staring at the same image. This is a great gift suitable for all ages, besides you know it’ll get used as it’s something she can look at every day and the photos are reminders of good memories.



Purse with built in phone charger

This amazing 2-in-1 charging purse is a necessity for on-the-go mums. The reassurance of not running out of charge juice whilst away from home is a relief!

It is compatible with all smartphones and USB devices. This extremely useful clutch purse features a thin battery, built-in USB cables and there’s still space for your lipstick, keys and other essential items.

There’s also been talk of Kate Spade designing handbags that offer this feature, so watch this space!


The Tile bluetooth tracker is becoming a popular everyday gadget used in our daily lives to help you find your keys, laptop, phone, bag amongst many other things! Is your mum constantly misplacing her keys and phone? If yes then Tile is the perfect gift for her this Mother’s Day!

There’s two Tiles – the Tile Mate which is ideal for attaching to items such as keys, and the Tile Slim which is designed to slide into a purse.


The Tile app allows you to easily find your possessions by making your lost item chime, additionally it will even ring your phone if set to silent. Once you start using Tile there’s no need to get yourself into a muddle again with trying to find those pesky lost goods!

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