Best phone cases for taking selfies

There’s plenty of factors to think about before taking a selfie – Is it bright enough? Can everyone fit in? What pose to strike? The best camera angle?

Aside from all of this it’s also about having the right phone case!

If you enjoy taking selfies then you should invest in a phone case which has great features to help you achieve the best photo.

From phone cases which have built in lights to ones that contain a collapsible selfie stick, we’ve listed the best ones which you can get your hands on.


Take the best possible photo with LuMee. Even Kim Kardashian has a LuMee case!

Lumee Duo
  • Studio quality lighting for both front and back cameras
  • Modern design
  • 3 different models to choose from – LuMee, LuMee two, LuMee duo
  • Available in lots of different colours
  • Perfect for low light conditions or when in the dark
  • Lighten up video calls

LuMee is available for:

iPhone 7/7 Plus
iPhone 6/6S
iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus
iPhone 5/5S/SE
Galaxy 6
Galaxy 7

Kim has said “The secret to a good selfie is definitely lighting. I love my LuMee case! It has front-facing lights that light you up anywhere you are, especially in dark places.”


How many times have you struggled to fit everyone into a group selfie or chopped out the landmark you were trying so hard to capture?

Let us introduce you to this amazing pocket-size camera drone!

With thanks to AirSelfie you can forget stretching out your arm or getting out your selfie stick. AirSelfie is a small light-weight flying camera which connects to your smartphone allowing you to capture the best selfies. Its powerful propellers allow it to thrust as high as 20 meters in the air!

It is the only portable flying camera combined into your mobile phone cover.

Fly AirSelfie easily and effortlessly from the app on your phone and control it through 3 different flight functions:

  • Selfie mode – extremely simple with just two directional buttons to make AirSelfie move far or close to you
  • Selfie motion control mode – use the virtual joystick provided by the app to control AirSelfie in real time
  • Flying mode – the device is held horizontally and replaces a classic controller. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, AirSelfie remains still by using its hovering function.

The AirSelfie is revolutionising the way we take selfies. Pre-order yours today!


No need to remember to bring your selfie stick with you when you have a Stikbox! This ideal 2 in 1 solution for your phone allows you to quickly slide out the selfie stick which is built into a smartphone case. No more fumbling around trying to attach your selfie stick to your phone, instantly capture the moment.

Each case is specially made designed for the weight of each phone model and is available for the following phones:

  • iPhone 6/6s
  • iPhone 6 Plus/ 6s Plus
  • Samsung S6/ S6 Edge +

Stikbox’s design is robust and also has a kickstand mode which is perfect for video calls. Ditch your old-fashioned selfie stick and invest in this one which simply fits in your pocket!


Snaplight is a modern compact LED light case which illuminates your photos!


It’s features include:

  • LED Lights
  • Resilient & shock proof
  • Power button
  • Port charge
  • Comes in a range of colourful exterior casing
  • Charge your phone whilst on the go

Snaplight’s slim and lightweight design provides power, reliability and defence. Available for the following phones:

iPhone 6 / 6 S
6 Plus / 6s Plus
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Snaplight mini is the cheaper alternative (available in black or white) which operates as a selfie light attachment:

snaplight mini

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