Funny things to ask for at Christmas!

Are you putting together a Christmas wish list and in need of some inspiration?

Below you will find our top picks on funny things to ask for, for Christmas. From clothing and games to everyday items we hope it helps you put together your Christmas list, or it may even give you some stocking filler ideas for your nearest and dearest.

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Now to check out those funny presents as listed below!

Paladone Head In The Hole Toy

This hilarious toy will have the whole family in stitches of laughter. Perfect entertainment after Christmas lunch.

Hasbro Speak Out Kids Vs Parents Game

Another fun family game. Who will win, the children or parents?

Grumpy Old Git Funny T-Shirt

Wear this on Christmas Day and see who else agrees with the wording on the t-shirt!

Funny Wine Bottle Glass

Love wine? This could be the perfect gift for you. An entire bottle of wine fits in this wine glass!

Funny Face Mats

Face mats are another great way to incorporate some laughter around the table on Christmas Day.

Funny Old Age Emergency Plastic Pants

Pull these over the top of your trousers and see how long it takes for someone to ask you what this is!

Funny Very British Problems Game

This game is a realisation of what it’s like to be British! Great game for dinner parties.

Exploding Kittens Game (Adults only)

A great game to have on standby when you have people round. Just make sure there are no children about as it’s not appropriate for kids!

Funny Soap Gift

If you like quirky presents add this bar of soap to your Christmas list.

Spider Catcher

If you’re petrified of spiders this is a must-have gift which will come in extremely useful when those creepy crawlies decide to make an appearance!

Five Minutes’ Peace Book

Are you part of a busy household always looking for some of your own space? You may be able to relate to this humorous book.

The Runaway Alarm Clock

If you’re not a morning person then you need the runaway alarm clock in your life. Its wheels allow it to move meaning you need to chase after it to stop the alarm from going off.

Beer Bell

You may find this gift funny but others living in the same house as you may not. Keep this nifty little bell next to you and ring it at your beck and call for beer service!

Unicorn Mug

Jazz up your desk at work with this mug or use at home. Perfect present for unicorn lovers!

Santa Toilet Set

Take your Christmas decorating to the next level with this festive Santa bathroom deco!

Gin Mug

If you love gin then feast your hands on this bright printed gin mug. You’ll stand out from your co-workers and leave them wondering whether it’s a cup of tea or cup of gin!

Prosecco Sweeties

Keep these on your desk for those ‘I could do with a prosecco’ moments. These tasty gummies don’t contain alcohol so it’s completely work safe!

Prosecco Gift Set

Continuing with the prosecco talk, this gift set is full of lovely little delights. Some of the items include prosecco lip balm and bath salts.

Beer Bong

If you consider yourself always up for a challenge then add beer bong to your Christmas list. (Remember to use alcohol related gifts appropriately and with caution).

Helmet Drinking Hat

If you’re looking to spend most of your time relaxing in front of the TV with minimal effort over Christmas, then you need the helmet drinking hat in your life. The only thing you’ll need to do is remember to have chilled drinks in the fridge so you can grab and go!

Are you still undecided? You could always get into the spirit with a light up Christmas jumper. Click here to check out our other blog on the best Christmas jumpers.

We’d like to wish you a magical Christmas!

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