12 Funny and Festive things to ask Alexa this Christmas

If you’re one of the lucky people who received an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot for Christmas, then you’ve probably wasted no time in setting it up.

There’s no doubt you’re wanting to experiment so here’s some amusing and festive Christmas questions for you to ask Alexa:

1. “Alexa, how many days until Christmas?”
2. “Alexa, how many reindeer does Santa have?”
3. “Alexa, play Christmas music”
4. “Alexa, tell me a Christmas joke”
5. “Alexa, sing a Christmas carol”
6. “Alexa, remind me to put the turkey in the oven”
7. “Alexa, who stole Christmas?”
8. “Alexa, is it going to be a white Christmas?”
9. “Alexa, do you like Christmas?”
10. “Alexa, do you believe in Santa?”
11. “Alexa, turn on the Christmas lights” – To ask Alexa this you would need a Belkin Wemo switch or TP Link connected to your Xmas tree lights (Amazon link below)
12. “Alexa, Merry Christmas”

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