15 funny things to ask Google Home at Christmas time

If you’re reading this and you received a Google Home for Christmas, you’re probably experimenting with it wondering what funny things you can ask.

Here’s 15 funny things you can ask Google Home:

1. Ok Google how many days until Christmas?
2. Ok Google play Christmas music.
3. Ok Google will we kiss under the mistletoe?
4. Ok Google do you want to build a snowman?
5. Ok Google let’s party!
6. Ok Google what do you want for Christmas?
7. Ok Google tell me a Christmas joke.
8. Ok Google make me laugh.
9. Ok Google I’m drunk.
10. Ok Google Beatbox.
11. Ok Google did you fart?
12. Ok Google tell me what you want, what you really, really want.
13. Ok Google play a game.
14. Ok Google trivia.
15. Ok Google crystal ball.

Your Google Assistant is not only there to amuse you with endless questions, here’s a handful of other great things it has to offer, some are a great benefit to help manage everyday tasks:

  • Make shopping lists
  • Set alarms and timers
  • Work out your mathematical calculations
  • Play your favourite music
  • Ask about the weather and traffic
  • Alter the temperature on your thermostat with Nest
  • If you have Philips Hue lighting and a Wemo Smart Switch you can connect this up with your Google Home to enable you to take full control of your lighting, choose when the lights come on and off and even change the lighting colour!

Take things a step further, and take full control of Christmas in your home!

Once you’ve bought a Belkin Wemo Switch (which is basically wifi enabled) this allows you to connect it up to the lights on your Christmas tree for instance.

You can then wow your family and friends and say things like “Ok Google turn on the Christmas tree.”

If there’s anything else you think deserves a mention then you can comment below to let us know.

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