What to do if your mobile phone is stolen

Crime such as mobile phone theft continues to rise. Moped crime has escalated in recent years resulting in more thefts.

You may be wondering what use a stolen mobile phone is once it’s been reported and blocked?

Criminals have discovered that even if the device gets blocked in the UK the phone still functions as normal abroad. Therefore they’re selling them abroad and still making big money!

Steps to follow if you fall victim to mobile theft:

1) Contact the authorities – report the crime to the police. Dialling 101 will connect you to the non-emergency police.
2) Contact your mobile phone provider/ manufacturer to report the device as stolen. You may be asked to provide the IMEI number or the serial number so have this information ready.

How to check your IMEI number:

To find out your phone’s IMEI number simply dial *#06# from your phone. Log a record of your IMEI number somewhere safe. Obviously if your phone has just been stolen you won’t be able to follow this step.

3) If you have insurance get in touch with your insurance company to make a claim.
4) Remotely wipe your handset if you’re concerned about your data on the device.

How to protect yourself:

  • Don’t walk around with your mobile phone on display, keep it hidden.
  • Avoid texting whilst walking
  • Go hands-free and invest in Bluetooth earbuds if you regularly need to take calls when you’re travelling on foot. Jabra wireless earbuds are the perfect gadget!

  • If you carry a bag ensure it is securely on you. Cross the strap over your front – don’t walk around with it hanging off one shoulder – this makes you an easy target
  • Never keep your phone in your back pocket. This is an opportunity for pick-pocketers!
  • Ensure all your electronic devices are password protected and encrypted. Apple iPhones are encrypted as standard however if you have a tablet or laptop make sure these are also encrypted!
  • Loss of data for most is the biggest heartache so always have a backup system in place. A cloud backup and a physical backup is advised.
  • Install Prey tracking software across all of your devices. In the event of theft you may be fortunate enough to retrieve your stolen possession.
  • If you carry a rucksack on your back containing valuables invest in a padlock to lock compartments. Coded padlocks are easy to use and saves you having to carry a key around.

Laptop theft – What to do if your laptop is stolen

If your laptop has been stolen click here to read our other blog on what you should do. These steps are best actioned ASAP.

We hope you find all this information helpful. If you have any other tips you feel are worth mentioning please comment below.

what to do if your laptop is stolen


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