How to track your stolen phone, tablet or computer with Prey

Unfortunately some of us have experienced theft of a phone or laptop at some point. Not only is it upsetting but also frustrating knowing that your valuable possession has been taken away from you, and sadly more often than not the hope of having it returned safely back in your hands is unlikely.

With thanks to Prey theft protection software, this great piece of technology is on hand to help you track down and find your possessions if they are ever lost or stolen.

Prey was initially released in 2009 and the software is definitely worthwhile installing on all of your devices (phone, laptop, tablet, computer) which will give you reassurance of finding them if they ever become stolen.

How to install Prey

To download and install Prey on your computer simply click here and sign up. To install Prey on your mobile phone go to the App store then search and download the Prey App.

After you have installed the Prey software on your device it will remain silent in the background.

How does Prey track your device?

So imagine your device has just been stolen, how would you go about notifying Prey?

Firstly begin by signing into your Prey account online, from here you can alert Prey exactly which device you wish to track down.

Once the device is connected to the Internet after Prey has been asked for information, the Prey server asks the software agent to send location information which is made available to you – the owner.

The missing device will retrieve and deliver evidence back to you, including photographic evidence of who is using it – a vital piece of data to forward onto the authorities / police.

Prey has many features:

  • Webcam image capturing
  • Sonic-alarm triggering
  • Wi-Fi auto-connect
  • Data securing
  • Screenshot grabbing
  • Hardware scanning
  • Screen locking
  • Remote messaging

Prey prevents unauthorised access

When your data is at risk, this can lead to dreadful circumstances however with Prey it allows you to remotely lock down your devices and delete stored passwords, ensuring that no one will have access to your private information.

If a device is to be located, the owner logs into the Prey site and reports it as missing. The Prey server then attempts to contact the device when it connects to the Internet.

Overall, it’s definitely worthwhile installing Prey on your devices. It will give you reassurance should you find yourself in a situation whereby you’ve been victim of theft. It’s always advised to put safety precautions in place wherever possible.

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