Things to ask Alexa at Christmas

Christmas time is when we get together with our loved ones. Once everyone’s tucked into their Christmas dinner (and consumed more roast potatoes than you can handle!) you usually find yourself getting cosy on the sofa watching Christmas films or playing board games around the table.

Thanks to the Amazon personal assistants like the Amazon Echo and Amazon Dot which have been making an entrance into our U.K homes since 2016, a lot of households now have their very own Alexa.

Why not get Alexa involved on Christmas Day? She can make the whole family laugh with her jokes and answers! Plus you can even play games with Alexa.

amazon echo dot

We’ve put together a variety of Christmas questions for you to ask Alexa on Christmas Day. Some are especially great for children – Alexa will even tell them the address for Santa Claus!

Alexa, tell me a Christmas joke.

Alexa, what would you like for Christmas?

Alexa, where does Santa live?

Alexa, what are Santa’s reindeer called?

Alexa, do you believe in Santa?

Alexa, sing me a Christmas carol.

Alexa, play Christmas music.

Alexa, Merry Christmas.

Alexa, how many elves does Santa have?

Alexa, have I been naughty or nice?

Alexa, will it snow on Christmas Day?

Things to ask Alexa at Christmas

You can even play games with Alexa. Click here to read our other blog on great games to play with Alexa.

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If you’re looking to add more Alexas into your home, Amazon is the place to buy them from:

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) £49.99

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Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) £49.99 

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Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) £89.99

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We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope your day is filled with lots of festive fun and laughter.

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