Snapchat’s newest AR glasses

Snapchat have just launched their third generation of Snapchat glasses. The first edition came out in 2016 and since then they have been developed further now offering augmented reality!

The new Snapchat glasses allow you to add fun 3D objects over your videos so you can effortlessly lighten up a video with love hearts, animals or funky blobs! Create and share your Snapchat story your way.

The appearance of the specs hasn’t drastically changed, Snapchat have kept the round lens design, however costing £330 their price tag may be a turn off for many – they’re double the price of their predecessor. Furthermore, their battery life may be a let-down as they don’t last a full day if you’re continuously using them to snap videos! Also, it’s worth noting Spectacles 3 require your phone’s internet connection to add the 3D effects.

If you’re a huge fan of Snapchat and love AR you’ll most probably want a pair of these new specs and can justify the spend, but otherwise their features may not be enough to draw you in. AR is being incorporated into technology in more ways than ever before.

Apple are rumoured to be working on some AR glasses of their own, so it won’t be long before rivalry strikes!

The Snapchat glasses offer comparable features to the Snapchat app with the use of adding 3D elements over your snaps, but they have a depth map allowing them to react better to what’s in the frame.

Spectacles 3 are available in black or gold. Their frames are a little top-heavy but you can alter the nose pads and arms to a comfortable position for your face. To record a snap they operate in the same way as before, you simply press either of the buttons on the temples to capture a 10-second video with sound, or to take a photo you just press and hold. There’s a small LED light that swirls to let others know you’re recording. You can also take longer video recordings (60 seconds) by pressing the button in quick sequence.

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