How to remove a virus on your computer

If your computer is infected with a virus it’s advised to get it removed as soon as possible.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Install MalwareBytes

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

2. Once installed run a MalwareBytes scan and remove any threats which are detected

3. Purchase a licence for AVG, get it installed and do the same, run the software and remove anything it picks up in the scan

AVG Internet Secruity

4. Check all internet browsers for suspicious or unknown add-ons and extensions

5. Clear browsing history

6. Ensure the start-up home pages for internet browsers are set to trusted sites e.g Google, MSN

7. Same as above for default search engines

8. Reset all browsers

9. Go into programs and features, look through the list and remove anything suspicious (e.g any software you don’t recognise)

10. Install AVG Tune-up and run the following:

  • Registry scan and repair
  • Disk defragment
  • Start-up items (untick any unnecessary items)

11. Ensure the MalwareBytes scan finishes running and comes back clear

Depending on the severity of the virus, a virus removal may not be enough to clean up your machine if the virus has rooted itself to the operating system. In these circumstances your computer may require a reinstallation of the operating system. If issues persist after you’ve tried doing a virus removal then you will most likely need to reinstall the infected computer.

Another point to mention is that it’s worthwhile frequently running a full AVG scan on your computer, weekly if possible. This way you can keep your system clean and remove any unwanted threats that it detects.

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