How to keep your phone contents private

Our smart phones are the hub for almost everything we do – photos, videos, texts, emails, social media plus lots more! We’ve all been faced with various situations where we’ve needed to hand our phone to someone. Handing over your phone can be a privacy and security concern, regardless of how well you know or trust that person.

If you have an Android phone here’s a quick guide on how you can add some phone privacy the next time you’re faced with that situation:

  1. Firstly go to ‘Security settings’

2. Look for ‘Pin Windows’

3. Turn it ‘on’

4. Next, look at the overview of your apps

5. Hold down the icon of the app that’s relevant for that person to see

6. Click ‘Pin this app’

7. Now you can hand the phone over and they’ll only be able to look at the app you selected.

Should they try to unpin the app to snoop elsewhere the phone will lock itself!

Some other tips to making your phone secure:

  • Password protect your apps e.g WhatsApp and Telegram both have this feature
  • Set up 2FA (two factor authentication) wherever possible
  • Don’t allow your device to autofill/remember passwords
  • Purchase a privacy screen filter to stick onto your smartphone screen

We hope you find this guide useful. If there are any other tips you would like to share please feel free to comment below!

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