Most Secure Email Providers in 2018

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Popular email platforms like Gmail and Yahoo may be convenient, but they are anything but secure. When Yahoo announced that the credentials of every one of its users had gotten compromised, it was a real wake-up call for many users. Even so, most security experts were not surprised.

The fact is, these popular email platforms are built for convenience and ease of use, not for security. If you are serious about the safety of your email communications, you need to look for a platform that takes privacy seriously. Here are some of the most secure email platforms.


Most Secure Email Providers in 2018

The aptly named Hushmail is another highly secure solution to your email communication problems. In existence since 1999, Hushmail is one of the oldest high-security email solutions, and it is still one of the best.

Hushmail allows users to send encrypted messages, not only to other Hushmail users but users of other email platforms as well. Hushmail allows secure communication with users of Gmail, Outlook and other popular email clients. Hushmail also includes a convenient web platform that is easy to use, with a modern and intuitive interface.


Most Secure Email Providers in 2018

Tutanota provides full end-to-end encryption of emails running through its systems. This encryption takes place right on the device, making Tutanota one of the most secure email platforms on the market today.

Since the private encryption key is not accessible to anyone other than the user, Tutanota has built-in security. Users can easily exchange messages with other Tutanota accountholders, but exchanging messages with outside users is a bit more complicated.

To communicate with users outside the Tutanota platform, users supply a password for the recipient to use. The person on the other end enters that password to access the email, and both parties enjoy a higher level of security.


CounterMail is another robust and highly secure email alternative. Through its OpenPGP encryption, CounterMail provides excellent protection for personal data, but it takes a unique approach to data storage.

Based in Sweden, CounterMail does not store your emails on hard drives. Instead, all CounterMail data gets stored on CD-ROMs. This is designed to prevent data leaks and further protect customer data.


Most Secure Email Providers in 2018

ProtonMail may be the most secure email platform out there, and it is also completely free. This open-source email provider is encrypted, so the security is built right in.

ProtonMail, based in Switzerland, is accessible through any computer via the convenient website. ProtonMail also works well on smartphones via its Android and iOS mobile apps. This powerful email platform features high security, with end-to-end encryption to prevent hackers from capturing and reading your email messages.


If you are still using a traditional email platform like Yahoo or Gmail, you might want to think about an upgrade. A growing number of online threats, from ransomware to webcam hijacking, originate with infected emails, and hackers are always looking for personal information in traditional email platforms. If you want to protect yourself, upgrading your communication to any of the secure email platforms on this list is an excellent place to start.


William North

Hello – ProtonMail is a rip-off. They advertise one price and charge you another and WILL NOT engage in any kind of dialogue. Encrypted is excellent – ignorant and self-serving is something all together different. I don’t need to pay for ignorance – but they over charged me and clipped me for a year that I will not use after their fine intro-experience.


this guy is a troll for competition. I use Proton. I pay for have my own domain “Protonmail for Business” with I have a peace of mind now knowing our competitors aren’t cutting us out of business. Gmail not secure as long as NSA and CIA contractors have a back door to provide or sell info to their friends, or decide who succeeds in business and who does not.

Trevor Dallas

This article says that Proton mail is completely free. Either the writer is lying or the writer doesn’t understand what the word ‘free’ means, let alone ‘completely free’. In a world now where facts and truth don’t matter, I shouldn’t be surprised.


Not sure what people are grumbling about – I use the free version of Protonmail and haven’t had any issues.

Bubba Redneck

Hushmail seems to show up on everyone’s list of secure providers and has for years. Several years back, I believed it and signed up. A year or more later, they had a foul-up and all of a sudden they helpfully placed ALL of my emails from the first day on, into my incoming box so I could decide which ones I needed to retain, after their foul-up. Any provider that copies and retains those copies of a user’s email is neither private nor secure. Hushmail is a lie.


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