Most Secure Email Providers in 2019

Choosing a secure email provider is one of the best ways to keep your messages safe and protected. Of course, many users prefer to use free email accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. However, these free email providers pose significant security dangers, such as the risk of data breaches and the lack of privacy. On the other hand, a secure email provider is much more effective in keeping your information protected through the use of encryption and the most advanced security features available.

Here is a list of the most secure email providers in 2019.


ProtonMail is a company based in Switzerland that offers end-to-end encryption to keep your data protected from cyber threats and government surveillance. ProtonMail is available on any device without software installation and has a modern inbox design that makes it easy to organise messages. No personal information is required to sign up for ProtonMail services, as free accounts gain access to 500MB storage and also 150 messages per day. You can also choose to upgrade to paid services for additional storage space and features.


Runbox is a secure email service provider in Norway that offers 25 GB of storage space and has multiple pricing plans available. All of your data is well-protected due to Norway’s strict privacy regulations. You also have the flexibility to create additional email addresses for your business, and you can easily copy all of your data from other email providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail. IT desk support is also available at any time to help you with any technical issues.


Posteo is a paid email service provider based in Berlin, Germany that offers anonymous email accounts, calendars, and address books without any advertisements. All emails are protected with encryption, and unlike other email providers, they do not use tracking tools to collect your personal information. You can also use two-factor authentication for an additional level of security. Posteo also performs daily backups that are available for up to seven days. Posteo is available on all devices, whether you prefer to use smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers.


Mailfence is an email service provider in Belgium that keeps your messages protected through OpenPGP encryption. A free version is available that offers 500 MB of storage, or you can choose to upgrade to other packages that include maximum storage of 20 GB. Mailfence doesn’t use marketing trackers and is also free from advertisements. No third-party members have access to your information due to end-to-end encryption. Two-factor authentication is also available as an added layer of protection to keep your information secure at all times.

Cyber threats continue to expand and pose significant risks to your data. Protecting your private data from external threats is essential in the workplace, especially for certain industries that follow strict compliance regulations. The use of a secure email provider is also a highly effective way to counteract cybercriminals and illegal government surveillance. Choosing to upgrade to one of these secure email service providers is well worth the investment to keep your privacy protected in today’s digital world.

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