How to Watch Wimbledon Tennis Online

For many dedicated tennis fans, the courts at Wimbledon represent the epitome of achievement in the sport. Year after year, the best and the brightest from around the world descend on Wimbledon all intent on making history.

For a lucky few, the courts of Wimbledon are the sight of their triumph. Those accomplished tennis players hoist their trophies high, give breathless interviews and thank the coaches and fans who made it all possible. For everyone else, Wimbledon is one more stop on the tour and one more stepping stone to tennis glory.

For the fans watching at home, the Wimbledon tournament is a chance to geek out on their favourite sport. If you are an avid tennis fan you are probably already making your plans for the upcoming tournament, but this year you have more viewing choices than ever before. Here are some key things you need to know about watching all the Wimbledon action online.

The 2018 version of the Wimbledon tennis tournament is slated to begin on Monday 2nd July just in time for American fans to celebrate in the lead-up to their Independence Day holiday. But no matter where you are watching from, you can enjoy viewing the tournament online, so you do not even have to turn on the TV.

Your best bets for online viewing of the 2018 Wimbledon tournament are the three premier sports watching apps, namely BBC, ESPN and EUROSPORT. If you are a dedicated sports fan, you might already have these three apps on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. If not, now is the time to download them.

For Americans, ESPN is the number one sports channel and the most popular sports viewing app for the smartphone and tablet. If you have a subscription to Comcast or Verizon that includes the ESPN channel, you should be able to download the ESPN app to your smartphone or tablet and watch the Wimbledon matches from there.

Even if you do not have ESPN on your TV, you may be able to watch the Wimbledon matches on the smartphone app. The relatively new Sling TV service includes ESPN in many of its packages, so you can watch the matches you want from the comfort of your own home.

Another option for online Wimbledon viewing is the EUROSPORT app. This popular app is available throughout the world, so you can watch your favourite tennis matches no matter where you are located. And while not all of the matches are available for real-time livestream viewing, there is still plenty of content available.

The EUROSPORT app also offers viewers a one-day pass, so you can watch the matches you want without breaking the bank. Avid tennis fans can also opt for a one-year subscription, so they can watch the matches they want – and lots of other sports content as well.

Both ESPN and EUROSPORT are great choices for online Wimbledon viewers, but it is the BBC app that provides the best and most comprehensive coverage. Not only does BBC offer access to the best matches, but it provides behind the scenes interviews and local colour as well. You still have time to download the BBC app, but you will need to act fast – the 2018 version of Wimbledon is just around the corner.

The Wimbledon tournament is the epitome of success in the tennis world, and the highlight of the year for tennis fans everywhere. Now is the time to get ready, so you can enjoy the online viewing experience to its fullest.

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