How to Watch the 2018 World Cup Online

For the avid football fan (or soccer if you’re based in the U.S) the World Cup is like the Superbowl, the World Series, and the NASCAR finals all rolled into one. With the latest World Cup just around the corner, now is the time to make your viewing plans.

With the advent of the smartphone and related technology, football fans no longer have to be tied to their television screens when the World Cup rolls around. You may still want to watch a few games on your TV, but you can also view them on your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices. Here are some tips for making the most of the upcoming World Cup action.

The World Cup happens only once every four years, so football fans have had nearly 48 months to get ready. Now that the 2018 World Cup is nearly here, viewing plans are firming up. Here is what to expect, and how you can watch the best games online.

The time differences can take a toll on your World Cup viewing, especially when it comes to the first game. That first match pits Russia against Saudi Arabia, and it takes place in Moscow time. The initial matchup of the 2018 World Cup season takes place on 14th June, but due to the time lag viewing will take place the next day, on 15th June.

The good news is you have a full month to watch the 2018 World Cup. The final game takes place on July 15 this year, when the finalists square off for the ultimate in football glory.

While there are many ways to watch the 2018 World Cup, your station and smartphone app choices will depend on your location and language preferences. For English speakers, networks like Fox and Fox Sports 1 are your best bet. These stations all have a wide variety of games, including the most prestigious matchups of the tournaments.

For Spanish speakers and more adventurous English-speaking viewers, there are choices like NBC Universo and Telemundo. These Spanish language stations are always great choices for World Cup viewing since the enthusiasm for what Americans know as soccer, and the rest of the world knows as football runs high in the Latin world.

Online viewers can also watch the latest in World Cup action on their tablets and smartphones. Apps like BBC Sport, Yahoo! Sports and Telemundo can provide you with a wealth of game access, as well as extras like player interviews, in-depth conversations with coaches and lots of behind the scenes color. If you want merely to watch the games, then turn on your TV and cue up your favorite sports network. If you’re going to delve deep, then download your favorite sports app and get ready to geek out.

The sports extravaganza that is the World Cup happens only once every four years, and if 2014 was any indication, the 2018 version should be one for the record books. With more than 30 countries competing and worldwide football glory on the line, you will want to make plans now so that you can catch all the action on your TV, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

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