How to set up an emergency contact (Medical ID) on your iPhone

You may or may not be aware that iPhone’s have an area for contacts in case of an emergency.

How to set up an emergency contact (Medical ID) on your iPhone

This allows anyone who picks up the iPhone to make contact with someone in the event of emergency (providing the user of the phone had previously added emergency contact numbers).

This process is quick to set up and only takes a couple of minutes, follow our guide below.

How to set up emergency contact on an iPhone:

1) Go into ‘Settings’
2) Press on ‘Emergency SOS’
3) Then simply add all the details and what relationship they are to you (for example spouse, mother, father etc.)

How to access emergency contacts on an iPhone:

1) Press the home button to wake the phone
2) Select ‘Emergency’
3) Press on ‘Medical ID’
4) It will then show details of that person: their full name, age, weight, date of birth, allergies, medication and persons of contact. You can even find out their blood group if they have added this information.

The good news is the person accessing the emergency contact will not be able to access any other areas of the iPhone, they will only be able to make the emergency call.

It’s definitely worthwhile adding emergency contact to your phone as it means in the event of an emergency or losing your phone someone e.g family can be notified.

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