How to see your laptop or iPad screen in the sun

The best ways to make laptop screens and iPads readable in sunlight

Sitting outdoors certainly has its benefits (vitamin D and smiley faces!) but unfortunately comes with the frustrating problem of screen glare. We’ve listed below some advice and tips on how to tackle screen glare, we hope you find the information helpful.

10 tips for using your laptop in the sun:

1. Buy a screen protector 

You can try anti-glare screen protectors which make seeing the screen a lot easier.

The screen protectors below are available in a wide range of sizes so whether you have a 15.6” sized screen or a 10.1” there’s one right for you!

Here are the core features:

• It has a matte, anti-reflective surface
• The surface is scratch-resistant
• Colour and image quality are not drastically affected
• Doesn’t leave any residues when removed
• Filters UV rays which helps protect your eyes

Anti-glare screen protector for laptops:

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Anti-glare screen protector for iPad:

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If you have an iPad try these screen protectors designed specifically for tablets. The matte finish on these screen protectors helps relieve glare.

2. Style it out 

If you don’t already own a pair invest in some polarised sunglasses. Wearing polarised sunglasses can help – some have an anti-reflective coating on the lens to help reduce sun glare. These Ray-Ban polarised sunglasses are a great choice!

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3. Keep cool 

If you’re not a fan of sitting in the shade you may not be in favour of this idea, however sitting under a parasol will allow you to see your screen without having squinty eyes!

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4. Kindle Paperwhite 

If you mainly use your device for reading then you may want to ditch your tablet and go down the route of purchasing a Kindle. There are several variations of Kindle (some are tablets) so ensure you get the right one for you.

The Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for outdoor as well as indoor reading. It has a touchscreen display that reads like printed paper. Audible gives you access to audiobooks so you can take advantage of being read to if you want to give your eyes a rest.

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The Kindle’s portability and long battery life are appealing. No screen glare, even when used in bright sunlight! A Kindle Paperwhite certainly ticks the box for outdoor reading.

5. Smart Writing Set

This Moleskine smart writing system allows you to digitise your handwritten notes.

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6. Pen and paper

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a smart writing notebook, you could just use a pen and paper and type up your work digitally afterwards.

7. Laptop sock 

The laptop sock is certainly not for fashionistas! However if you’re willing to sacrifice your fashion for sitting in the sun you may want to consider a laptop sock. Warning: you’ll also need to hide from the fashion police!

8. Pub Garden

Pub gardens can be a great way to enjoy sitting outside in the summer months. You may have so much fun that you’ll forget you’re working! Most pubs have parasols and WiFi, so you can simply take your laptop or iPad to your local pub, connect up to the WiFi and order a cold drink whilst you’re typing away outdoors.

9. Have the day off!

You could always just book the day off work and enjoy the sunshine.

10. Change your colour filter

Most users have a standard black on white set up but you can easily change this to white on black. You should drastically notice the ease of viewing on a dark background especially if you are working in bright light conditions or outdoors where there is plenty of sunlight. You can easily apply these settings on both Apple Mac and Windows based machines.

How to see your laptop or iPad screen in the sun









Windows users can follow these steps:

    1. Go into Settings
    2. Click on ‘Ease of Access’ then select ‘High Contrast’
    3. Press the toggle which says ‘Turn on high contrast’
    4. Choose a theme, once chosen click on ‘Apply’

Privacy screen protector 

Whilst on the subject of screen covers you may be interested in having a privacy screen protector for your laptop, especially if you use your device in public areas or simply want peace of mind knowing that nobody is snooping over your shoulder!

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All in all there are various things you can try out to enable you to better see your screen without the frustration of screen glare! Also, it’s important not to expose your electronic device to direct heat for long periods as this can result in overheating.

Let us know if you have any other tips you can recommend. Comment below 🙂

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