How to Remove Malware on an Android phone

Malware and viruses are a major threat to the safety of Android mobile phones. Not only can they cause significant damage to your device, they can also compromise your personal details and sensitive information, such as passwords, usernames and financial details. If you think your phone has been infected with a virus or malware, you need to take swift action to reduce the risk of damage and data loss.

Identify the Problem

Most malware is downloaded with malicious apps, particularly those downloaded from third-parties and unofficial app stores. However, malicious software can also come from infected websites. If you installed or updated any apps at the same time you noticed the infection, these apps could be the source of your malware. If you don’t know the cause of the infection, use a malware scanner to identify the problem.

Remove the Threat

Malware scanners will usually provide an option to remove the threat from your device, but you may still need to uninstall the offending app manually. If the malware has given itself administrator rights, you will need to put your phone into Safe Mode so that you can remove the app, as this diagnostic mode prevents third-party software from running.

To enter Safe Mode, hold down the Power button until you see the options for powering off your device. Next, press and hold down the Power Off option until you see a pop-up asking if you want to enter Safe Mode. You can now remove administrator rights and uninstall the app.

Check the Device

Once you’ve removed the malware and the source of its infection, perform a scan to make sure there are no other problems. You should also clear your browser’s cache to remove any pop-ups from malicious websites.

If your device continues to show signs of an infection, the only option may be to perform a factory reset. Remember to back up all of your data first, including any files stored on your SD card.

Malware compromises the safety of your phone and should be removed as quickly as possible. The first step is to identify the source of the infection. In most cases you will be able to remove the malicious software by using a malware scanner and uninstalling the infected app. However, if this does not fix the problem, you may need to perform a factory reset to wipe the data from your phone.

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