FBI and Police Ransom Email Scam

Extortion phishing is becoming a new way organised cyber criminals are making money over the internet.

Recent example sent in by a reader:

Hey *NAME*! I am from the FBI, and we recently received some sensitive information which proves that at some point in the past you have used your system to access minor pornography content. I would like to make an offer to you. If you send exactly 1 (One) BTC to the below address in the next 24 hours, then I will just get your case erased, nothing will happen to you.

BTC Address: 1Hii5oCu6HP1fJhHBwVdECLh8sYLt8fTjQ

It is CaSe sensitive, so copy & paste the address. If you do not know about bitcoins, then just use coinbase, or search google on “How to buy bitcoins”.

In case, you do not send the bitcoins, then the FBI will proceed as usual, and this offer will lapse.

This is a one-time non negotiable offer, do not reply to this email.

This seems to be a similar style effort as the most recent one we reported earlier this year:  Ashamed of yourself email scam 

Are you receiving FBI ransom emails or maybe UK or Australian? Paste your email below in the comments:

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