Common texting abbreviations. How many do you know?

You may already know the basic, most commonly used abbreviations such as OMG (oh my god), LOL (laughing out loud) and BRB (be right back) but do you sometimes find yourself lost for explanation when receiving a message with text jargon you haven’t a clue about?

Thankfully, after reading this blog you’ll be a complete expert and know the definition of plenty others.

WBU What about you?

GTG Got to go OR good to go

ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing

NM Never mind

IDC I don’t care

BISLY But I still love you

SMH Shaking my head

BTW By the way

ILY I love you

4YEO / FYEO For your eyes only

WTF What the f**k

TGIF Thank god it’s Friday

DGMW Don’t get me wrong

IMO In my opinion

WFM Works for me

TBA To be announced

TTYL Talk to you later

ICYMI In case you missed it

2M2H Too much to handle

Urban dictionary is a handy website to search for any unheard of phrases.

Abbreviations speed up chat conversations and require less typing when you’re in a rush. They’re great at just getting the point across, however they’re not so great when the recipient has no idea what they mean.

What’s your most used text code? Comment below to let us know!

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