Celebrate The Best Emojis On World Emoji Day 17th July

Like the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” an emoji does the same!

Emojis were created by Shigetaka Kurita in the late 90s on Japanese mobile phones. Originally meaning pictograph, the word emoji comes from Japanese e ‘picture’ + moji ‘letter, character’.

Thousands of emojis are used worldwide daily. Emojis are a fun way to brighten up a message and they can symbolise how you’re feeling. From funny and silly smileys to places and objects there’s certainly plenty to choose from.

World Emoji Day is celebrated on 17th July. It’s been reported that the face with tears of joy emoji is the most popular in the world.

Emojis are universal making them a useful communication tool that surpasses language barriers. It’s a great way of making chatting more fun and interactive.

Here’s a picture posted last year showing the top-tweeted emojis by country. (Picture taken from @TwitterIndia)

Celebrate the best emojis on world emoji day 17th July

Brazil, Colombia and Argentina seem to adore music whilst the French and Italians are expressing love with hearts. The U.K, Canada and the U.S.A appear to feel the same with a weary face emoji.

This is a photo taken from 2016, top-tweeted emojis by category. (Picture taken from @TwitterIndia)

Celebrate the best emojis on world emoji day 17th July

Check out emojipedia.org for emoji definitions and variations amongst other platforms. There’s thousands of emojis to filter through.

What’s your favourite emoji? Comment below to let us know!

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