Christmas gifts for gym lovers and fitness freaks

Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be challenging, but there are plenty of attractive options for friends and loved ones who have a thing for fitness. Here, learn about five thoughtful gifts for the fitness fanatics in your life, all of them proven to boost their performance.

Foam Roller (£15.99)

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Any exercise buff who has completed an intense workout knows that muscle soreness can follow the next day. Fortunately, a foam roller is the perfect gift to combat this soreness. A 2015 study in the Journal of Athletic Training found that when people used a foam roller immediately after, 24 hours after, and 48 hours after performing 10 rounds of squats, they demonstrated less muscle tenderness in the days following the exercise when compared to people who did not use a foam roller. They also showed improvements in sprint performance and dynamic strength-endurance performance after using a foam roller. Based upon the results of this study, a foam roller can heal aching muscles and improve physical performance after strenuous exercise, making this an ideal gift for anyone who regularly exercises.

Music & Gift Cards

Exercise enthusiasts can also benefit from the gift of new tunes. You can gift a membership to Amazon music or buy a gift card.

Amazon Gift Card
Headphones – Apple Earpods (£138) 

Apple Earpods

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Whichever you choose, it is likely to help with exercise performance. A study found that people performed better and experienced more enjoyment when they listened to music while performing a sprint interval exercise, compared to when they didn’t have music while exercising.

Essential Oils (£10.99)

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The uplifting aroma of essential oils could be beneficial for exercise performance and could even have a positive effect on physiological functioning, making them an ideal gift for anyone interested in fitness. A 2016 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that when students in a physical education class inhaled orange and spearmint essential oils, their lung functioning improved, and they ran faster when completing a 1,500-meter time trial. The gift of essential oils could help your loved one to breathe easier during exercise. If you’re on a strict budget, you can find deals on single bottles of essential oils on the internet, but if you’re able to spend more, you might consider purchasing a complete kit with multiple types of essential oils, as well as an oil diffuser.

Supplements (£4.99)

beta-alaninebuy on amazonA stocking stuffed with supplements also makes a thoughtful gift for a fitness fanatic, as some supplements can enhance physical performance. A study found that when people took a beta-alanine supplement, it significantly increased muscular power and improved their sprint performance after they completed an endurance exercise. Cinnamon and ginger supplements could also be beneficial for exercisers, another study found that ginger and cinnamon both reduced muscle soreness among well-trained women. A variety of supplements can be beneficial for those who regularly exercise.

Exercise Bikes (From £230)

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An exercise bike is the perfect gift for those who care about physical fitness, especially for someone who lives in an area that experiences cold and snow during the winter months. With an exercise bike, it is easy to stay in shape during the winter without braving the cold and wind to exercise outside or travel to the gym. Runners who are concerned they will lose fitness during the winter months can even benefit from using an indoor exercise bike at home. Fitness levels can be maintained with an exercise bike during the winter.

An exercise bike is a thoughtful gift that can help runners and other trained exercisers to maintain physical fitness when it is too cold to head outside for physical activity. For gift-givers on a tighter budget, other options such as essential oils, a music gift card, supplements, or a foam roller all make perfect gifts for fitness enthusiasts. Whatever your budget, there are plenty of appropriate Christmas gifts for the fitness freaks in your life, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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