3 Ways to Improve Network Performance

One of the keys to productivity in today’s workplace is to ensure your network is operating at a high speed at all times. Of course, many companies struggle with poor network performance, which makes it much more difficult for employees to complete tasks and is always a frustrating experience. Slow loading times and frequent disconnections are just a few of the many signs of a sluggish network. However, you can minimise the chance of a slow network by performing a few simple tips to maximise speed, whether you are downloading large files, uploading documents to the cloud, or performing any other tasks.

Here are 3 simple ways to improve network performance for your business.

1. Offer Guidelines & Educate Employees

One of the best ways to improve network performance for your business is to educate employees. Employees need to understand that streaming videos or downloading large files put an extra strain on the resources of any network. For example, streaming music can significantly affect the speed of your network and make it difficult to perform routine job tasks. Setting guidelines such as limiting music or video streams can improve network speed and will allow employees to download and upload work-related files much more efficiently.

2. Scan for Viruses

Another common reason for a slow system is due to viruses that limit the speed of the network and make it difficult to perform routine tasks. Malware is a common issue that many companies face and can cause extensive network slowdown. Performing routine virus scans is the best way to identify any types of malware and contacting an IT specialist is essential to ensure your system is operating efficiently without any kinds of viruses. Your in-house IT team or an IT provider can monitor your network at all times for any unusual activity and give your company additional protection against any cyber threat in the workplace.

3. Download the Latest Software Updates

New advancements in technology occur all of the time, and it is essential to download the latest software updates to ensure your network is always operating at a high speed. The latest software updates play an important role in keeping your network well-protected from any threats, while also improving the performance of each operating system. You can schedule these updates to be downloaded automatically outside of business hours, which allows employees to continue to work without any disruptions.

A network will slow down over time due to multiple reasons, and it is critical for IT specialists to perform routine maintenance and install updates to improve network performance. Educating employees on minimising network strain and performing daily virus scans will ensure your network is operating efficiently, which improves productivity and makes the job tasks of each employee that much easier. Contacting your in-house IT team or an IT provider can help you perform a network assessment to look for any areas of improvement and ensure your network has the maximum speed available. Begin utilising these simple tips today to improve the performance of your entire network and enjoy the many advantages of a high speed network for your business.

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