10 Ways Smart Technology is Changing Our Homes

Smart technology is changing our homes – connecting many devices and appliances – giving us a greater amount of control using voice commands and mobile apps. Smart devices are changing how we access the internet, use our appliances, manage our household, check our health, secure our home and organise our life. In short, smart home technology is making life easier by automating many things that we used to do manually.

Smart home devices (like Amazon Echo / Echo Dot and Google Home) let you manage much of your household with your voice. You can use voice commands to control appliances, turn lights on or off with Philips Hue and change the temperature on your thermostat with Nest.

Smart home devices offer instant access to information available online. Instead of typing a search engine query on a computer, you can ask a question – and the device looks for an answer online. Using a smart home device to access the internet is eliminating the need to use a desktop computer to go online.

Smart appliances offer you more information and control over your appliances. Smart appliances can connect to WiFi – allowing you to control them with a smart home device. You can also control your smart appliances using mobile apps from your smartphone – even when you are not at home.

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Smart home devices also offer a more interactive entertainment experience in your home. You can now use your voice to control your home entertainment system. You no longer have to use a remote to turn your television on and off, change the channel or adjust the volume. Also, this technology eliminates the need for any passwords on your television, because the device will recognise your voice and associate it with your account.

Smart technology is even automating some household cleaning chores. Robot vacuums can clean your floors – both hard surface and carpet – controlled by your voice.

Smart home devices help users stay organised as well. You can tell your smart device to remember important dates and appointments. You can also make lists for grocery shopping and to-do items. The device will then remind you about those things later.

Smart technology is improving home health monitors because they offer more accurate readings for vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, and blood glucose. In addition to better accuracy, it’s also easier to take those readings using a digital monitor. For example, blood glucose monitors no longer need as big of a blood sample – which makes taking a reading less painful.

Smart technology is eliminating the need to call a restaurant to order take out food. Instead, you tell your smart device to order a meal from a restaurant online (if the restaurant has an online ordering system).

Smart home devices change how we communicate with others because they eliminate the need to call, text or email. Instead, you can use voice commands to send messages to others.

Smart technology can help you secure and monitor your household. You can use smart locks on doors and windows to secure them using your voice. You can also install a smart alarm that will alert you about potential intruders via a mobile app. Finally, when you are away from home, you can still manage all of those security features from your smartphone.

In short, smart technology offers an innovative way to manage much of your household hands-free. Smart home devices can answer questions (by searching online), help you get organized, and eliminate some mundane household tasks. You can also use smart home devices to control your appliances, lighting, thermostat, and home entertainment system. Smart technology is making health monitors more convenient and reliable as well. Finally, smart home devices let you monitor your home, even when you are away.

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