Why we’re your local connection to IT

Nexus means a connection between a group or series of things

In our case we’re your local connection to IT.

We give 10% of our time and put it back into the local community through charity work and free advice.

As your local IT team we’re here to help you if your home or business computer lets you down. We cover Apple Mac and PC and are fully insured, trained, certified and are led by 7 Years of experience in IT Support and Computer Repair.

The company is over 2 years old and in that time we have built up a great reputation working in the local area as our service is strictly customer focused. No client is ever a small fish in a big pond!

Our turn around times are generally 24 hours on repairs and we offer a collect and deliver service too.

Theres never been a better time to try us as your local connection to IT 🙂

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