Why it’s time to upgrade to BT Infinity…

Many of us are being bombarded with sales calls and letters asking us to upgrade to BT Infinity.

But is it time to switch to fibre yet?

Lots of people are unconvinced by the recent BT marketing, especially since the mis-selling of “up to — MB” download speeds in the past. However, all of this has since changed.

Fibre-optic, or ‘fibre’, is much faster than the original ADSL copper cable. The wire itself is made of glass and is specially designed to send vast amounts of data at the speed of light! And, unlike with copper wire, internet speed doesn’t decrease the further you are from the phone exchange.

That means even if you live in a little village in the sticks you can still get super-fast broadband speeds that were previously only available to urban areas.

So if you choose fibre, your 1MB broadband could increase to as much as 20MB, or you 8MBs could be as fast as 40MB…!

But what else can I do with all that speed?

Internet TV in HD – Remote Computer Backups – Faster Media Downloads – Internet Radio – Super Fast Web Browsing – Excellent Online Gaming

Are there any drawbacks?

Well, you’ll need to re-sign your contract for two years, so it’s not a choice to make if you aren’t ready to commit.

Also, setting up your fibre-optic broadband can be a long process. Calls to BT on 0800 800 150 can often take hours and a visit from an engineer can be a technological headache.

After that you can just sit back and enjoy four times the national average speed!

But, if you don’t want to deal with the drawbacks, Nexus can help! We often take care of our customers’ fibre installations and are happy to save you the time and stress of doing so. See our Broadband and Fibre Installation page for more information, or call 01753 884 700 (Gerrards Cross office) or 01494 730 120 (Beaconsfield office) to speak to someone directly.

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