Why It’s A Good Time To Switch To Mac…

More and more people are converting from PC to Apple Mac.

Did you know that the first Macintosh was invented in 1984? Just 28 years later, their progression has been astounding and Mac’s are now one of the most talked about topics worldwide!

Sleek, fast and elegant are just a few words that spring to the Nexus team’s minds.



Here are a few fantastic things worth mentioning.

Security: Mac users are at less risk of being infected by spyware or viruses in comparison to Windows users.

Portability: The MacBook Air and iPad are light and compact – great for carrying around with you!

Reliability & Speed: No more waiting around for your machine to start up – the boot up and shut down process is quick, they suffer from fewer in explainable slowdowns, and not forgetting that Macs can handle tight memory situations much better.

iCloud: It provides you with the facility to store your data on the internet instead of your local storage (such as your computer.) This online space enables you to file photos, apps and contacts etc. Furthermore it allows you to sync multiple devices like the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.



Whether you’re a student who wants a notebook to write essays, or a dedicated graphic designer desiring a desktop, there’s a Mac out there that’s perfect for you.

There are many reasons you might want to ditch your PC in favour of a Mac; from its beautiful eye catching design, to its great software, or simply to own such an awe-inspiring device. Whatever your reason, you may not have your heart set on a specific machine – yet! – but the team here at Nexus are always happy to help you make that important decision. Being Apple Certified, as well as part of the Apple Consultants Network, we can certainly help to point you in the right direction!



MacBook Pro – Perfect for students or those wanting a home studio for film and music.

MacBook Air – A powerful and portable device, ideal if you’re always on the go. Excellent battery life of up to 5 hours. Weighs just 1.08kg*

Mac Mini – The basic Mac computer to run your everyday applications. Pound-for-pound performance. A great way to experience Mac without the price tag!

iMac – Fantastic for those looking to get the best experience for their home or business. iMacs look extravagant and certainly have the wow factor!

Mac Pro – Best for Graphic Design companies or for use as a mac server. With more advanced graphic tools and the best graphics platform, this is a logical decision for any graphic designer. Mac displays images better and the software is much easier to use on Mac.

iPad – Recommended for anyone on the go; perfect for taking notes in meetings and quick searches. Very thin and fits discreetly into a handbag or briefcase! Weighs only 613g** and has an incredible battery life of up to 10 hours!



Many people worry about changing over. However, it’s not as scary as you may think…in fact, we found it to be a smooth process having recently made the switch, ourselves! Whether you’re young or old, technologically experienced or not, the transition is a quick and simple process. And we must say we have been converted!

Here at Nexus, we offer one-to-one lessons on how to operate your Mac. We understand that individuals learn at different paces, so we always endeavour to tailor our teachings to your specific needs.



We are your local Apple Mac and PC experts. If you would like further information or advice on any of the above, do not hesitate to give your Apple specialists at Nexus a call on 01753 884 700 (Gerrards Cross Office) or 01494 730 120 (Beaconsfield Office) We’re more than happy to help!


*Based on 11inch MacBook Air.
** Based on iPad 2 with Wifi and 3G.

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