Why is my broadband internet slow?

Many factors can effect broadband speeds. The further you are from your local BT exchange the slower your internet will be. This unfortunately can’t be influenced unless you move premises… Luckily BT and Virgin media are installing Fibre across the UK with speeds of up to 100mbps! So broadband problems and speed issues should be reduced over the next couple of years.

If you’re close to the exchange but using wireless it could be poor signal or that your sharing the internet across a few computers.

Another factor could be that you have a Virus/Trojan which is downloading or sending out spam. To check for a virus it’s worth purchasing AVG Internet Security and running a test.

An easy speed test is available from www.speedtest.net.

The averages we expect are a speed of 3Mb to 8Mb for ADSL and Cable 5Mb to 100Mb  depending on your package you have purchased. the current UK broadband speed average is 3Mb.

If you’re having a broadband problem in Buckinghamshire call Nexus your local Computer Repair company for internet support from our Gerrards Cross office on 01753 884700.

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