Why Doesn’t Minecraft Work on Microsoft RT

Some buyers of the Microsoft Surface tablet and other users of the Microsoft RT operating system have noticed that one of their favorite games is missing. Those Minecraft fans have been disappointed to learn that the game simply does not run on the RT operating system, and there appears to be little Microsoft can do to fix the problem.

There are a number of reasons why Minecraft does not work on Windows RT. For one thing, the architecture of the RT operating system does not support x86 applications. Since Minecraft is built on the x86 platform, it simply is not compatible with the new Windows RT.

Then there is the Java problem. The Microsoft RT operating system does not support Java and that lack of Java support makes playing Minecraft impossible. In fact, gamers and other computer enthusiasts have cited the lack of Java support as a major downside of Windows RT.

In the end, fans of Minecraft will probably need to find a new game to play on their Surface tablets and other Microsoft RT devices. Minecraft fans who want to keep playing their favorite game may wan to avoid the Surface tablet and look carefully at the operating system running other devices they are looking at. If those gamers already have a Minecraft-compatible device, they can always hang on to it for Minecraft.

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