Why does my PC keep crashing?

Computers can crash for many different reasons. Some of the main reasons we’ve come across are due to general use.

The wear and tear caused to the operating system are not caused by the fault of the operator but from constant Internet use, lack of disk space, installation and removal of software causing registry errors that cause the PC to become due for repair.

To avoid sending your machine in for computer repair we advise your PC is regularly maintained to avoid crashes.

Tips for computer maintenance:

Keep space free on your C drive

Regularly defragement your PC

Keep the machine Antivirus and Microsoft updated

It’s always worth having a health check every quarter. Nexus offer a free 15min once over on every machine we have in brought into our Gerrads Cross, Buckinghamshire office. If your machine is problematic we have many computer repair solutions available to help you with your IT problems.

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