What’s a Firewall Router?

In light of the recent attack on a Bangladeshi bank where £53 million was stolen as a result of buying a $10 router, it goes to show that with technology, sometimes you get what you pay for.

It is vital that you have the correct network equipment in place regardless of whether you’re a business or home user, otherwise you are vulnerable to such attacks.

So what is a firewall?

A firewall is a device that manages your internal and external network access. It’s a bit like a bouncer with a guest list! It determines if you can access a machine, printer, Internet or webpage but more importantly controls what doors (ports) are open to users outside your network trying to come in. The firewall is normally used as a barrier from your devices and the Internet. It does come standard as part of the majority of routers supplied by ISPs (Internet providers) but it’s not as secure as a business grade firewall router.

Do I need a firewall?

If your router is more than 2 years old then you should replace it.
This will ensure that you’re not using a device that has an exploited security flaw. Hackers search the Internet for devices that are vulnerable to attacks and if they find one with a documented exploit they can easily access your network.

Business grade?

Business grade firewalls (or firewall routers) offer the latest protection but also advanced features such as DDoS protection and Deep Packet Inspection – protecting you from Trojans, viruses and people trying to force your router offline.

Draytek  and Cisco are the manufacturer of a variety of routers that we recommend for advanced business grade protection.

Here at Nexus we can arrange to visit your premises and check that you have sufficient equipment and coverage in place. After we’ve assessed your system and set up we would advise you accordingly. If your router does need replacing you can leave that to us as we supply and install routers for many homes and businesses.

To book an appointment simply contact us today on 01753 884700

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