What should I look for when buying a new PC?

When buying a new PC there are many different things to consider to make sure you make the right purchase.

What is your budget for your new machine?

Is it for home or business use?
A next day onsite warranty is stongly recommended for business machines.

Is it for Internet and email use only?
Dual Core with a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 80GB hard drive.

Are you a gamer?
i7 or i5 processor, 64BIT OS 4-6GB of RAM and 512MB Graphics Card (as a minimum)

Do you plan on photo or video editing?
At least a dual core processor, 512Mb of video memory, 2GB of RAM and 100GB hard drive.

Are you going to be downloading a lot of music or video?
Same as above but with a 500GB hard drive so you don’t run out of space too soon.

We always recommend buying the highest spec machine for your budget – having a custom PC built is the sure way to get your perfect PC and isn’t as expensive as you would imagine.

Nexus in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire can build you a machine to exact specification. Give our team a call to get the best machine for you on 01753 884700

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