Want to skip the queue for PC Repair? Try Nexus!

We’ve seen this offer advertised time and time again, but can’t understand why so many companies apply it as an add-on service.

Nonetheless, we want you to know your local IT Company doesn’t have a fast track… at Nexus, everything is urgent!

The questions we’ve been asking are: what happens when customers don’t pay for fast track…? Does your computer gather dust while the technicians sit around sipping tea?

Being made to wait 3-5 working days because you haven’t paid a fee is far too long!

It’s a real shame. Being without your computer is frustrating and can be really disruptive to your everyday schedule. We want things done straight away! And, in this recession, all companies should be delivering great service just to survive. Why should you have to pay more because they are understaffed, making more money but giving less service?

The fact is you shouldn’t.

You’re important and your problem is always urgent. Give our team a call today and we’ll work the extra hours to ensure you’re happy and that the job is done as soon as possible.

So forget waiting around. Call our dedicated team of experts today on 01494 730120 (Beaconsfield Office) or 01753 884700 (Gerrards Cross Office)

We are your local connection to IT – Call your local branch and be our priority.

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