Track your possessions, family or friends

With the average person spending approximately 15 minutes a day searching for lost items it can be frustrating to say the least! Searching for keys and mobile phones are the most common.

Checking up on family members can give you peace of mind, especially if you have children or teenagers. There’s some great apps available which does exactly this.

Find My Friends App

Find My Friends is a free downloadable app created by Apple and released in 2011. The app is simple to use and enables you to easily locate your friends and family from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Location is dependent on using GPS when location services are turned on. Users can also share their location with others. Notifications appear when a user requests another user to see where they are or is turned on through the message application.


Checking that your loved one is heading home safely from a night out crosses many of our minds. With Uber’s impressive new feature you can now check their journey or estimated time of arrival. Uber recently launched a new tool which allows users to track family and friends in real-time who are linked to their ‘Family Profile’.

The ‘Trip Tracker’ feature sends notifications when the journey begins and lets users see the entire trip using a live map showing you the route, driver’s photo, a rating and the type of car. You need to use the latest version of app and set up Family Profile to use Trip Tracker. Uber is revolutionising the way we get about, making travel more convenient than ever before. We’re excited to see what else they come up with in the near future!


Tile is a great tracking device which is on the horizon to becoming a big success after partnering with Land Rover’s 2017 Discovery Sport and integrating Tile into its vehicles. Tile is a small, lightweight tracking device (Product Size: 37mm x 37mm x 5.3mm) containing a tiny bluetooth tracker which can be placed or stuck your valuable possessions – mobile phone, keys, wallet, laptop. Tile is aimed at tracking your belongings when they are misplaced.

When you begin searching for a lost item, your phone tracks the Bluetooth signal strength of your Tile up to 100 feet. As the signal draws you closer, Tile’s distinctive melody can be heard until your lost item is back in your hands.

So your how do you track down your lost item?

1. If your Tile is missing (nearby)

Tile generates a signal across a radius of 100-feet.

How to begin searching:

  • In the app home screen select the item and tap the “Find” button
  • You can also see location proximity by tapping the Tile icon
  • When you begin searching your phone tracks the signal strength of your Tile
  • As you approach closer Tile’s unique tune will play, helping you to locate where it is

2. Tile maps the last location you had it

The app automatically records the last place your phone, or any other phone with the Tile app open, saw your Tile. Basically open up your lost item on the app and tap the map to get the approximate location.

3. Mark your item as lost (when your Tile is lost and out of range)
The Mark as Lost feature allows you to mark your Tile as lost in the app. Once your Tile has been found by either yourself or a Tile member, you will receive an email and push notification informing you of the item’s whereabouts.

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