Top 5 things to consider before buying a new laptop

If you’re contemplating purchasing a new laptop then you’re probably already aware the choice is extremely extensive. There’s many options to consider and it’s important to ensure you tick all the boxes in terms of suitability before making the ultimate decision.

We’ve decided to make note of the key questions you should think about prior to taking the plunge:

Apple Mac or PC

Firstly do you have a budget in mind?

Entry level Apple Macs start at around £1000. Overall Windows machines are noticeably cheaper in comparison but you need to take into account your intentions for using the machine and what you need it for.

PC based computers are best for gaming. They are compatible with more games and have more options for customising and upgrading. Gamers tend to go down the non-Apple route. Also parts are not as expensive when you compare like for like with a Mac.

For those in the creative or design industry most tend to swerve towards purchasing an Apple Mac, however that definitely doesn’t mean a Mac won’t be suitable if you’re in a different industry or require it for another purpose.

You can still use a Mac for basic everyday things such as emails and documents (Word/ Excel/ PowerPoint/ Outlook).


Portability is an important factor especially if you’re on the move frequently dashing from one place to the next. You want to be able to unplug, pack and go without it weighing a ton!

Going down the Windows route the Lenovo Yoga is extremely portable and light. Essentially it’s a 2 in 1 – use it as a tablet or laptop.

If you’re thinking of getting an Apple Mac then it’s worthwhile checking out the Apple Macbook Airs. Their slim and light design makes carrying them easy and effortless, up to 12 hours of battery life too!

The Apple Macbooks are also worth a look – 12 inch display, 0.9kg light and up to 10 hours of battery.

Storage space

For the average user, a 500GB – 1TB hard drive should be suitable but it does depend on how much data you have.

A good starting point is to check the size of your existing drive. Find out how much space you’ve used along with how much you have remaining. For instance if you have a 500GB drive and you’re using around 400GB then maybe consider investing in a 1TB to gain more space.


Have you thought about getting an SSD instead of a standard HDD?

SSDs (solid state drives) are a type of drive which contain no moving components. They differ from regular hard drives (HDDs) which contain mechanical parts making them more susceptible to becoming damaged.

Although SSDs are more expensive they’re more reliable, increase speed and read and write data faster.

Speed (Processor & RAM)

The processor is the heart of a computer and is a tiny chip. The processor does all the computations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

In terms of processors for Mac or PC the main ones are i3, i5 or i7.

For an entry level processor there is i3, i5 is mid-range and i7 is top.

RAM (Random access memory) is a component which speeds up the way programs are used. Computers have minimum and maximum RAM. The more RAM it contains results in more speed.

For the average user 8GB – 12GB should be sufficient but if you need it to be more powerful then definitely look at upgrading the RAM. If you’re intentions are to use the machine for gaming then the more RAM the better!

The way Apple have designed their laptops now means that most cannot have the RAM increased – they’ve connected it to the logic board (main board). This means you must think about the options wisely before making your new computer purchase. Unfortunately there’s no way to solely upgrade the RAM at a later date with the new style Apple Mac laptops.

*It’s crucial to ensure you have your precious data safely backed up, sufficient anti-virus and anti-malware protection in place.

We advise AVG and Malwarebytes which give you peace of mind when using your computer and browsing the web. Virus attacks can be malicious so be prepared should the worst happen. Also the thought of losing important data or becoming victim of an online ransomware attack would be dreadful.

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