Top 10 Online Flash Games

The Internet – a hub for procrastination for decades. What better way to alleviate boredom/waste time than to play games? We’ve selected 10 of our favourite online flash games for your enjoyment!

1) Bloons

Bloons Flash Game

You play as a monkey. Your aim is to pop as many balloons as possible with a set number of darts, using your mouse to aim and clicking to charge power, making the darts travel farther. As the game progresses, the levels become more advanced, with new obstacles and dart upgrades. It’s extremely addictive, and great if you’re a fan of aim-and-shoot games. You can play Bloons by clicking here.

2) Binball Wizard

Binball Wizard Flash Game

Binball Wizard is similar to Bloons in terms of controls – aim and adjust height with the mouse and click to charge power. This time, however, you’re sitting in an office aiming paper balls into strategically placed bins. This is perfect if you’re bored at work and don’t want to risk getting in trouble by throwing rubbish around! (Of course, you may get in trouble for playing flash games during work hours…). To play Binball Wizard, click here.

3) Bowman

Bowman Flash Game

Our final entry in the aim-and-shoot category is Bowman. You play an archer trying to impale your opponent, located in the distance. Rather than aiming with the mouse, you have to click and drag your cursor backwards, creating the distance and angle needed to hit your target, creating the ‘archer’ feel. You have the choice whether to play against a computer player, or a friend. Either way, you’re guaranteed hours of fun. Fancy a game? Click here. 

4) Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons Tower Defense Flash Game

The Bloons Tower Defense series follows on from the standard Bloons games (monkeys shooting darts), except this time you’re protecting your fortress, and there are a range of different weapons and ‘towers’ to choose from. Though each game is addictive, we highly recommend to newest version – Bloons Tower Defense 5. You gain money for popping balloons, which can be used to buy upgrades to progress. We’ve wasted a lot of hours on Bloons Tower Defense (not during working hours, obviously…), and we highly recommend it! Click here to play.

5) Bejeweled

Bejeweled 2 Flash Game

The premise is simple – you’re given a grid of jewels and you’re required to match 3 or more of the same type to eliminate them from the board. They are then replaced with other jewels. You continue to play, accumulating as many points as you can before the timer runs out. We like the simple, uncompromised Bejeweled 2. If you’d like to give it a try, click here.

6) Base Jumping

Base Jumping Flash Game

Possibly the cutest game on our list, Base Jumping pits tiny orbs with eyes against each other by dropping them from a height and ensuring they land safely. The aim is to press the space bar to deploy the parachute as close to the ground as possible without causing damage. Too much damage will result in your poor little guy to explode! It’s a game of reaction time, so it’s great for quick fingered gamers. Play it by clicking here.

7) Tetris

Tetris Flash Game

Now for some retro games! First, Tetris!

Released in the 1980s, Tetris is a tile-matching game where you aim for the highest score. There are plenty of Tetris flash games, but if you’re looking for an easy-to-grasp concept and simple controls, FreeTetris is a great choice. Use your arrow keys to line up ‘Tetriminos” – differently coloured shapes. The aim is to create as many horizontal ‘lines’ of these shapes, rotating them to fit them into place. Once you’ve created a line, it disappears and the puzzle shifts downwards. If your shapes pile up to the top, it’s game over. We love our classics, and it doesn’t get much more retro than Tetris!

8) Frogger

Frogger Flash Game

Okay, we may have lied in our last sentence. It DOES get more retro, with Frogger! Perhaps the simplest game on our list in terms of controls, you play a bunch of frogs trying to cross a busy road to get to their lily pads. Use the arrow keys to avoid being run over/falling in the river, and try to do is as fast as you can! Simple, yet effective (and definitely addictive). To play an unofficial version of Frogger, click here.

9) Space Invaders

Space Invaders Flash Game

Even older than Frogger is Space Invaders! You’re a cute little ship trying to survive alien attack. Use the arrow keys to move back and forth and hide behind shelter, and the space bar to fire at the aliens. If you get shot by your enemies, or they reach the bottom of the screen (they descend throughout the level), it’s game over! To play Space Invaders, click here.

10) Super Mario World Flash

Super Mario World Flash Game

Last, but certainly not least is Super Mario World Flash. We’re sure you’re all familiar with the Mario franchise. Now, you and that plucky plumber and work your way through the online world, using the arrows to move and the space bar to jump! To give the game a go, click here.

Do you have any other online flash games that you’re addicted to? Share them in the comments – we’ll give them a try when we’re bored!

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