Top 10 Free iPad Apps That You Must Have

No, really these apps are great!

So now you have your shiny iPad 2 (or if you are really lucky, you’ll be eyeing up the New iPad) but how do you make the most of it?

It’s a big investment, so before you go breaking the bank on all the cool apps – we’ll recommend you some of the best free iPad apps, to get the most out of it.

We’ll be sharing some of our favourite free entertainment apps and games next week, for now though let’s look at some of the best serious app that you can download straight away.

Find my iPhone

Honestly, this app will save you forever finding your iPad or phone in case you ever lose it, misplace it or it gets stolen. This guy got his iPhone back because of this app and it could save your iPad too.


Save Time copying and pasting files. A free service that saves your files, photos, docs and videos to your phone, iPad and computer.

Cloud On

Don’t fret about editing documents on the move. Cloud On Syncs up to your dropbox account and allows you view, edit and save Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.


Now you don’t even need to leave your sofa for meetings (or to see your Gran). Turn on Skype and video call anywhere in the world – for free!

Photoshop Express

Take a photo, make it prettier straight away. Need some basic photo editing on the iPad? This is your ticket to better and brighter photos on the move.

Dragon Dictation

Need to write? Don’t want to type? This Dragon has your back. This is your very own secretary that uses voice recognition allowing you to easily speak and instantly see your text or email messages.


Allows you to take notes and sync them to your phone, iPad, laptop and any other devices you have. Great for jotting down your thoughts on the move.

Doodle Buddy

Just like finger painting, but with no mess…Err… I know we said we were saving you time and keeping games until next week, but we secretly quite like the Draw Something app, making drawing a whole bunch more fun again (kinda like Pictionary).

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