Tips for cleaning your Tech devices

Did you know studies have shown that the average phone contains more bacteria than the average public toilet! Don’t panic, you can rest assured as there are cleaning products and procedures to help keep your devices clean and sanitized.

How do our phones become so dirty?

Our phones are carried everywhere we go, from public places to the kitchen and bathroom. Handling money and sharing your phone with others means bacteria is constantly being spread from multiple locations. Although we wash and clean our hands do we clean our phones?

It’s a constant cycle of germs and bacteria:

Washing hands > touching your phone > dirty hands (again!)

Warmth causes bacteria to breed. Phones are warm from the battery and they tend to be kept in warm tight places such as pockets and bags. This is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria!

There are anti-bac phone covers designed by BioArmor which help keep your phone clean, click here to purchase one now or to find out more.

Sanitize your mobile

You may be surprised to discover there are products available which sanitize your mobile phone whilst charging. PhoneSoap have created a device which does exactly that. The two UV-C lamps produce a certain wavelength of light which encompass your phone and pass through the cell walls of bacteria to impair their DNA. Once the DNA is compromised, the cells die.


Before cleaning any electrical devices it’s advised to have them completely turned off and unplugged from the mains. Avoid spraying any liquid or solution directly onto your devices. Also take extra care when cleaning near to the charging areas / ports because even the slightest contact with cleaning substances could lead to damage.

Everyday electronic devices you can clean:
Mobile phone
Touch screen computer
Games controller
Remote control

In our experience we’ve found that using special screen cleaner wipes are safe and effortless, they’re also least likely to cause damage in comparison to disinfectant gels and sprays.
Fellowes screen cleaning wipes are an effective way to wipe down your tech gadgets.

How to best clean your keyboard or the interior of your computer:

Always use an air duster, never use a household hoover! Keyboards and computers are delicate and extra care should always be taken when cleaning such equipment. Crumbs, dust and other dirt particles can build up on your keyboard and inside your computer over-time. Remember to switch off your computer prior to cleaning, especially if you’re planning to use an air duster to spray the interior.

Air duster:

If you have a PC and are intending to dust out the inside, ensure you power off the computer first. Make sure you use the air duster spray in a ventilated area and spray at a reasonable distance from the computer components. Air dusters are also great for cleaning your keyboard or laptop, it couldn’t be any easier! Click here to purchase compressed air.


Keyboard brush:

To clean your keyboard we recommend using a keyboard brush, such as the one designed by OXO which can be purchased from John Lewis.

Its slim silicone wiper removes dust from small, hard-to-reach places including between keyboard keys whilst its soft bristles are gentle enough to clean mobile phone camera lenses and more. The perfect size so it can be kept in your desk drawer or laptop bag.

Mini Henry Hoover (for your desk!)

henry desk hoover

You could even take things a step further and treat yourself to this cute mini Henry hoover. Definitely a must-have for those who love a tidy desk. This sweet little vacuum is ideal for getting to those hard to reach places. We think this one looks adorable!





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