Why it’s time your staff work remotely

There are many benefits to working remotely, for both the employer and employee.

Saving time not commuting into work and saving money not paying for travel are just a couple of advantages.

With the ability to work remotely from any location worldwide, providing you have an internet connection and the relevant remote access software for your business, more people are choosing remote working when given the option.

Listed below are some of the key benefits to working remotely.

Increased productivity

Cloud software applications Remote Desktop and Office 365 mean you can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet.

Flexibility allows workers to manage their time more effectively and as a result devote extra time to work tasks.

Around 75% of office workers in the UK “get more work done when working remotely” and are almost twice as likely to work more than 40 hours a week.

There are many distractions within an office from noisy colleagues, unplanned meetings, hearing other conversations and not forgetting office politics.

Happier staff

Working from anywhere has said to make more employees happy and productive. They can better manage their work-life balance

Reduced employee turnover

If your staff are happy they are less likely to leave resulting in reduced staff turnover. Employees prefer flexible working.

Reports of flexible working in organisations led to improvements in retention of staff, productivity and commitment.

Save money

Not needing to have an office premises results in less operating costs for the business. Furthermore employees in the UK could save thousands on travel and hundreds of hours a year in commute time.


Remote working helps reduce your carbon footprint. Decreasing fuel consumption has a positive impact on the environment.

It’s the future

In the past working from home was more rare but as time moves on remote working is on the increase and we can only expect to see more companies introducing this to their staff.

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