Why it’s time you got Anti-virus on your Mac!

In the past Apple Macs never used to be targeted by attacks such as viruses as Microsoft had the market share, however in recent years Apple removed their statement which claimed that their machines were immune.

As Apple have dominated the market there’s reports which state that over *75% of Brits own an Apple device, with some individuals owning an average of three Apple products.

Although a Mac has some protection from installing unwanted programs it is easily overridden and not always detectable. You may also receive an attachment in an email from a PC user and open it up to find it contains a virus!

With so many of us now relying on our computers for online banking and shopping it’s even more of a reason to ensure you have the best available protection in place.

To help keep you and your system protected, clean and safe we strongly recommend Kaspersky Internet Security. We supply a licence (1 year, 1 computer) for £35 + VAT.

What are the benefits of Kaspersky?

  • User friendly and simple to use
  • Peace of mind and security for online banking or shopping
  • Helps keep your system protected and free from viruses (you can quarantine if something suspicious is found)
  • The software runs in the background so even if you don’t remember to scan your machine on a regular basis it will consistently do it for you
  • It will alert you if it detects anything suspicious

Kaspersky is a great product for the whole family, protecting you against viruses, spyware and Internet threats. It safeguards your privacy and defends against identity theft. It also helps you keep your children safe from Internet dangers.
Contact our friendly team today if you would like us to supply and install Kaspersky on your Apple Mac. We can even install the Kaspersky software remotely meaning no matter where you are (providing you have internet connection) we can remotely log into your machine and install it for you.

*Research carried out by MyVoucherCodes.co.uk

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