The future of online shopping

As technology revolutionises more aspects of our lives than ever before, it won’t be long before we can expect it to transform the way we shop.

The London College of Fashion are discovering how ‘mixed reality’ could soon transform our online shopping experience.

This technology will allow us to virtually try on clothes so that customers can better visualise garments on themselves before purchasing. It may also help reduce returns as currently online return rates are a hefty 60%!

This innovating tech will be a huge step forwards for the online retail world.

With High Street retailers struggling and online shopping soaring we can only expect this advanced technology to improve our online experience.

The technology tested by London College of Fashion operates through a smartphone app where the user can see a digital virtual avatar of themselves wearing the selected clothing.

This digital tech will certainly make our online shopping experience realistic and fun.

This is exiting news for customers and retailers, however competition for online stores to begin implementing the technology before their competitors will be high.

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